My purpose for this blog is to record my journey as I walk my path via Olodumare, my Ori, my Egun, through the Orisas, Ifa and Lukumi. It is a record for myself to refer back to, but if it also assists another then I’m pleased.

I have seen many begin their path by first desiring priesthood. I am the opposite in this as I am in many things. Priesthood is not the objective or goal for me; gaining insight, knowledge, understanding, practice, and a strengthened Ori is my primary goal. I may have been told that priesthood is my eventual destiny, but it is not my concentration or concern as an immediate objective at this time. I embrace what it means to be a non-initiated practitioner first.

I have been blessed to have been born from many great women that had talents and abilities not easily explained to many. I have been blessed to have been raised within a family that truly believes in the seen and unseen. They have left many words of wisdom, and many rituals that I have been able to continue. I am a child that has chosen to return to re-learn the traditions that were stripped from my family during the Great Journey to America.