There are many traditions where there is God in opposition with the Devil. This is not so in Lukumi/Ifa tradition. There is definitely a God, but no malevolent spirit that has set its sights to destroying mankind.

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For me, the evil comes from the behavior of humans, either actively or passively, that causes negativity that is sometimes so strong it takes on a life of its own. That is if there is an evil presence. Most of the time, the mechanism at play is the most basic lesson of all… as you sow, you shall reap.

Instead of believing an evil force has plotted so that one has lost his/her job, the more likely reason is that the person was late to work daily and displayed a negative attitude when supervisors attempted to provide direction. No evil causes eviction, especially in cases where the rent was not paid. There may be negativity from others but introspection may reveal the underlying cause.

In my opinion, there are also no Orisa who are angry at you. The Orisa are Divine Nature Energies. They are the divine energy of the roads/Messenger, the divine energy of the forest, the divine energy of the volcano, the sea, the river, the depth of the ocean, the divine energy of the passage between this world and the next. There is not a context in which you can anger the energy, even the divine energy, of nature. If an ebo was not completed, there is no “punishment.” The ebo is designed to metaphysically counteract something that is headed your way. So if you do not block the punch, you get hit. It has nothing to do with any Orisa being “mad”

The perspective one is standing may lead them to see that a situation is good or bad, but the truth is neither… or neutral. A fire blazes through the land, scorching it. Fire can symbolize destruction, devastation, pain both externally and internally to someone who may be standing in a perspective to see it that way.

Fire is also cleansing. Without the cleansing and purging action of fire, certain plant life may take over and overgrow, creating imbalance. It also controls insects and pests. Fire has provided light, heat and warmth for humans since we began to understand how to work with it.  Fire replenishes the earth with fresh nutrients and carbon on which life is dependent. There are even certain seeds that germinate due to fire and certain insects that only breed in the burned wood left after a fire.

In summary, what seems to be evil can be a product of man’s negativity and the natural law of sowing and reaping. A person’s own actions can invite negativity into their life and it often depends on their outlook on life. Many people may feel particularly “favored” or “cursed” but natural laws are often neutral. What can be viewed as a negative can also be viewed in a positive light. You can change your perspective to view negative events as an opportunity for growth, change and improvement.