The short film starts out by letting the audience know the darkness has been around before the present day. Our Ancestors have faced the same darkness.

The three characters, in my opinion, embody different Orisa characteristics. Ogun, Ochossi, and Oshun. What is interesting is how they all faced the darkness.

At first they all were running. As they were running the narrator informs us that the darkness is strengthened by our fear.

The Ogun archetype falls, but he gets back up on his feet and starts fighting while his buddies continue on (Ochossi pulls Oshun away to keep running). Was he abandoned? I personally don’t think so. (Back story on Ogun and Ochossi in case someone reading may not know, Ogun and Ochossi are brothers. They live together, they eat together.) Ogun is the Orisa that governs iron, the hunt, technology, but his dominion is also Warfare. Ochossi understands his brother and knows his capabilities. I believe he knows his brother will not perish.

The Ochossi and Oshun archetypes found themselves alone together. Oshun archetype was greeted by and given grace from Orisha Oshun. It seems in that moment, she was provided the grace she needed to fight. Ochossi archetype found his grace as well in the darkness as was evidenced by his glowing bow and arrow, but it seemed that it was a tool he already had perhaps from a previous challenge.

“Darkness will yield to grace, and sacrifice to victory. Rise and claim your destiny. Ase!”

Grace is defined as “unmerited divine assistance given humans for their regeneration or sanctification.” Meaning to me that if I make my sacrifice (or apply some internal work) I will receive divine intervention that will combine with my efforts to help me to overcome my darkest hour.

Victory, to me, is more than winning. There is a connotation with that word that implies a joyous resolution that results in celebration due to the great emotion involved in overcoming the difficulty. My sacrifice is the link in this. The greater the sacrifice, the greater the celebration. The harder the work that is required to overcome, the greater the victory, the more I will prove what I am truly made of bringing me closer to my destiny. If I fail to put forth the sacrifice, that can lead me to falling further away from victory and my destiny.

The darkness is the fire that tries us all. In the midst it causes fear, confusion, anger, distrust; we run. As you see in the video, running is ineffective. We must fight and endure the trial by fire. We can do it alone, if that’s our preference, or we can have ones we trust by our side and work together to overcome it. We must use our own individual strengths and talents in order to become victorious. Whether we fight with someone or by ourselves, we are still not alone in our battles. Our Ancestors faced this darkness long before us, so someone else has been where we are. The fire feels like it will consume us (and it can if you allow it), but it is meant to refine us. It is our method of transformation. Our destiny is ours for the taking, with some sacrifice, hard work, fighting, and grace.

What is your darkness that you face today, and what sacrifices are you willing to make to overcome it?