Warning: Lukumi will not provide you with magic spells that you can use to replace judgement, good character and ethical behavior.

Warning: Lukumi will not solve all your problems and make you wealthy without you ever having to lift a finger. Everything in it takes hard work.

Warning: Lukumi is not about being a supreme and conjuring master, standing over a cauldron throwing your will out into the world.

Warning: Lukumi does not afford you protection from natural laws for your illegitimate behavior.

Warning: Lukumi is not about amassing power to wield by controlling spirits of the dead.

Warning: Lukumi is not about gaining enough status to have everyone bowing at your feet every time you walk into a room.

Warning: Lukumi will allow you to learn the hard way, if need be, when your character leaves something to be desired.

Warning: Lukumi will force you to take a long, hard look at yourself and progress beyond where you are now.

Warning: Lukumi will take your darkest secrets, even the ones you lie to yourself about, and expose them. Not so you will be embarrassed and not to just anyone, but to people in a position to help you better yourself if you are ready to accept guidance.

Warning: Lukumi is about breaking family cycles of abuse, vanity, anger, promiscuity, insecurity, dirt hiding, nice-nastiness, and all other negative behaviors.

Warning: Lukumi will challenge your mind, your body and your soul. It will require extra effort from you on all levels in order to accomplish your goals. There is no easy way to walk the path.

Warning: Lukumi will require you to learn humility, grace, discipline, service, teamwork, tolerance, trust, kindness, loyalty, meekness, diligence, dependability, dedication, creativity, and selflessness.

Warning: Lukumi can transform the way you see the world and the way the world sees you.

Warning: Lukumi is about self-elevation and enlightenment; aligning your ego, heart, mind and spirit with the small piece of you that remains in Heaven.

Warning: Lukumi can put restrictions on your body and mind for your betterment.

I am not saying there are no spectacular beings in Lukumi, but that they made it there through hard work and effort working on themselves. By going through the work, they were able to realize elevation that at times includes gifts that cannot be explained by logic.