If a Child washes his hands, he could eat with Kings. 

I am constantly taking an inventory of how I am feeling. It has become a habit over the years that started when I began to assess my behaviors and actions. Right now, I feel irritated, frustrated with people, angry, and a deep desire to be left completely alone. A head rogation is already on the table as my Madrina knows me better than most I have known for decades. I am limiting my exposure to other people, smiling briefly before excusing myself, just so I can keep my negativity to myself. I do not want to spread it, because it is the real zombie apocalypse where it takes just one bite, one scratch from someone infected to spread it.

Until I get to my rogation, Spiritual Baths are a girl’s best friend. They help to strengthen me, help with clarity and focus. They soothe me and provide that super quiet, sacred space for that period of time to help me through. While I still have to get to work outside the bath, it is prep work for me. It can help me be open so that Egun can help me with a situation, or it can remove negativity, or block people from negatively affecting me which can often be the case as an empath.

There are some general white baths, sweet baths, bitter baths; and I will not get into the best type to take or which one for what purpose. Padrinos are the best source for that, and if someone just wants to take one there are books. The exact how, I do not feel is as critical as the why personally. I have been taking my own spiritual baths since my early 20’s, and I did start with no particular recipe, only the deepest intention. Over the years, I have received guidance that more and more accurately pinpoint what to add or do to help my situation in preparation and implementing the bath. I feel the guidance is the result of having started the work and putting forth the effort.

I, personally, love to gather the items I will use in my bath myself. Most of the time, if I use flowers they come from my boveda. I use items from my home instead of purchasing ready-made baths. Fresh herbs, flowers, milk, water…. Rain water, sea water, river water, holy water, tap water, coconut water, water collected at night, water collected during the day, water collected on a full moon….Lavender oil, frankincense and myrrh, patchouli, rose water, Florida water, tabaco,…. regular milk, goat milk, soy milk, rice milk, almond milk… sometimes intuition will guide as well. I make use of candles. Sometimes the bath is warm and loving, like when I’m trying to take care of my own spirit. Other times it is cool and stimulating to work on something in particular.

When working on something heavy, there is a degree of sacrifice in even performing the bath. I did not know discipline until I had to make an ebo with a spiritual bath daily for eight days. So it is not always sunshine and Bon Bons. I initially thought, why is this an ebo? I just have to take this spiritual bath for eight days? Then the work started and by the seventh day, I celebrated the last day coming jubilantly.

The spiritual bath is one of the greatest tools I have in my arsenal. I have barely touched the iceberg on this one; there are still ewe, incantations, and prayers to delve into, but this will start a process to further my learning.