My Madrina had spoken to us about Oloshas United, an initiative of world peace and healing. It took me quite a while to digest what this initiative was about and what it meant to me.

Initially, it meant nothing. Why? Because my heart has been broken by life and by people. I am currently in a retreat and have greatly reduced the amount of interaction I have with people outside of my immediate family because, at this time, I am so disheartened by what I’m feeling, seeing and experiencing that human contact is no longer desired.

I’m angry that my son has been locked away and it seems like the entire world has forgotten about him but me. I’m angry at those who demand my efforts yet will not return it when I am in need.

I turn on the television and witness the same lack of regard for another woman’s son, except her son is gone forever. Another mass shooting, and oh, by the way, there were signs before it happened but everyone waited for someone else to intercede….

Women endure dehumanization in song and lyric, as well as life.

Our elders are disrespected and disregarded.

Absent fathers produce insecure women and incomplete, angry men.

I hurt for myself, I hurt for my community, I hurt for our countries where injustices occur so regularly no one bats an eye. I hurt so deeply, I could easily and quite happily walk away from civilization and stroll on about my merry way to live among the trees and animals whose behaviors I do understand. My Madrina said to stay close, but I push to fight my own anger and disgust.

I finally now recognize what this initiative means to me. It’s not just light a candle for world peace and move on. It is taking action and a stance, a conscious determination to work in a way that affects healing of our communities, our mothers, our fathers, our sons and daughters, and for all. To strengthen those who are enduring and struggling in silence. To provide comfort to those who are hurting. To nurture those who are in need. World peace and healing is not a phrase, it is an action, and one that I will pursue to the best of my ability because all of us are hurt and tired. We are all in need of healing, and we all have a right to enjoy peace within this lifetime.

Oloshas United