Social media has really changed life as [I, personally] have known it to be. The illusion is connectivity and constant interaction with another.

The deception is that the connectivity occurs with me sitting alone in my home “interacting” with another sitting alone in their home. The deception is that isolation and true interaction have not truly been resolved. The deception is the “talk” about doing without actually taking the time and energy necessary to really do, as mastery of anything takes practice and logging in hours of training.

At first, I thought I was isolating myself by cutting back from my social media accounts. It turns out I’m not isolating at all, I’m unplugging and there is a difference.

Unplugging means that iwure (prayers) are now in the process of being learned, bit by bit, and incorporated into my daily ritual. My ita (life reading) is being re-read at least every other week because there are a lot of actions that I need to take, perform and complete within it for my personal cultivation. Egun is receiving even more attention and my connection is strengthening. Ebo is in the works, cleansing of my home returning it to a state of peace is underway, projects are nearing completion, animals I have taken responsibility over are receiving more attention, and my health is being given more consideration.

“Work” is occurring.

I am not saying that there is anything wrong with social media; it is a wonderful vehicle and has helped me reconnect with many I would not have been able to stay in contact with. What I am saying is there is a balance and the line has to remain well-defined between active participation in life and virtual participation.