As I stand in my kitchen preparing to make adimu for Obatala, something grabs my mind and says there is something for you that you need to hear to improve your concentration and focus your attention. I open my laptop and receive some of the most greatly blessed words, as I have needed that reminder and direction: Iya Yeyefini providing guidance for closing out the year.

3 easy spiritual rituals to close the year 2014

Although it is well into January and nearly February in a few days, I still can complete my end of year house cleansing ritual. There are a lot of old cobwebs hanging around holding my mind, my body, and my spirit back. There is a lot of negative energy here that needs to be dispersed because I have some great plans for 2015 that I want to see come to fruition. I am planting seeds, so I need to give them the environment they need to grow.