Quick post: food for thought.

Ori is said to be the head or soul or consciousness, yet it is much deeper than that. Each person’s ori is their own personal Orisa that sits on the head, and has dominion over that person’s destiny, character, success or failure. There is a portion of it that remains in heaven.

I have heard it said that a particular Orisa has picked him/her. Actually, I believe it to be the other way around. That person’s ori has picked a particular Orisa with the goal of bringing the person to their highest level of elevation or destiny.

There is nothing on this world that will pass into a person’s acceptance if that ori is not in alignment and accepts it as well….

Ever told someone who has decided that they are ugly how beautiful they are? The most frustrating thing in the world!

There are many prayers (iwure) that can be chanted to Ori, and any person can recite iwure to their own Ori (and should).

Iwure to Ori for Good Luck
(Luck can/should be replaced with the concept of Balance/Alignment)
from Otura Ogbe (Otura Ori-ire)

Found at: http://www.assatashakur.org/forum/spirituality-connect-your-center/1415-yoruba-prayer-spiritual-intuition.html

Ka ji ni kutukutu
Ka mu ohun ipin ko’pin
d’Ifa fun Olomo-ajiba’re-pade
Emi ni mo ji ni kutukutu ti mo f’ohun ipin ko’pin
Emi ni mo ba ire pade l’ola

To wake up early morning
And give destiny its due
Divine for the person that will meet with luck
It is me that gives destiny its due on my waking in the morning
Therefore, it is me that will meet with luck today and tomorrow (i.e. all my life)”

Usually many others have the same goal, but seeing as how I can only speak for myself, my personal goal is to align my Ori with the portion that remains in heaven so that I can realize my greatest potential. That can only be done by caring for my Ori and recognizing its role in my life.