This bath is not just to open the way for healing, but to open the way for restoration of womanly confidence after such great loss.

5 yellow roses (if you can’t find yellow then white but preferably yellow)
Handful of romaine lettuce
5 small tealight yellow candle(s)
Rose water
River water

Bring a pot of water (regular water-one gallon) to boil, then cut off the flame under it. You will pick the petals from the roses and crush them into the pot while calling on your Ancestors and ask them to assist you through this time, and through whatever you need their help and support on. When this cools you will be ready to add it to your bath (it can be a little warm, just not still scalding hot). For this part you can portion out enough for five nights (sometimes those drinking water bottles help for portioning). If you need more than 5 roses add more in multiples of 5 that are not even numbers (15, 25, etc). Put the rest in the refrigerator.

Draw a warm bath, and light a yellow candle (or candles). Add your rose mixture that has cooled. Crush into the bath, using your hands to tear into small pieces the romaine lettuce and crush them; again call on your Ancestors to ask for their help, love, assistance, guidance, support, and wisdom.

You will add rose water. If none is available you can substitute for your favorite floral/rose fragrance. Take your time adding it. Inhale that scent. What does it mean to you? What does this smell make you feel? make you think?

Add river water and here I want you to just have a conversation with Oshun. Give her your heart, tell her your fears, tell her what makes you feel insecure and what feelings you are ready to let go of because she is the Orisa that gives women their strength.

Add honey and don’t be stingy. Taste some of the honey before adding. What does it taste like? What does it smell like? How does it smell mixed with your fragrances? How does the honey feel? How do you want the honey to heal you? Speak to the honey and thank her for the contribution to your healing.

Get in the bath and I want you to repeat affirmations. This is not the time to think about your weaknesses or negatives, not the time to rehash whatever has not gone well.

Confirmation example taken from Yeyefini Efunbolade: “I pray for self-confidence to strengthen my heart and recognize that all painful loss is an opportunity to find peace and dispel emotional exhaustion and weakness. I am one with everything that I need. I am capable of being at peace. I am peace. I pray to release loss, I am grateful for my experiences, and I am grateful for the healing warmth that surrounds me.”

You are going to take this bath for five days/nights.