The power of spoken word is excessively underestimated in our world. We use it for cursing ourselves and each other, for ego-stroking and in idleness. We have forgotten the power that resides in the mouth, the breath, and the tongue.

Diamantini (2015) says, “A sound originates in the vibration of an object, which makes the air or another substance around the object vibrate. The vibration of the air moves outward in all directions in the form of a wave.”

This is the vibration we put out into the universe when we speak. That vibration carries the force to interact with anything and everything in the universe around us once we release it from our tongues, which gives us the ability to receive positive or negative feedback based on what we released.

When you have spoken the word, it reigns over you. When it is unspoken you reign over it. — Arabian Proverb

If one is attempting to do a “work” or to see a particular outcome and speaks carelessly about the subject, the energy of the work is consumed by the words spoken aloud and the desired outcome fails to happen. The other energy zapper is a listener who is harboring jealousy and blocks the energy needed to make it happen or converts it.

An example is when you have a wonderful idea that may take some work to happen. You share this greatness with some “friends” who immediately start frowning and speaking negatively to your thoughts. Basically they have now neutralized that energy your great idea needed. Secretly, one of them really likes the idea and neutralizes your energy, absorbs the idea and energy for his/herself and is able to materialize the idea because they kept quiet about it when they carried it out.

Speak clearly, if you speak at all; carve every word before you let it fall. — Oliver Wendell Holmes

In thinking of sound, we can compare other things that create sound waves to put into perspective the power that is created. The MRI also uses vibrations/sound waves to create the images doctors use to diagnose. Ultrasound uses sound waves, sound waves can now be used in surgery to burst blood clots in the brain, and have recently been used to levitate objects midair, lasers, weapons, wound healing, navigation… .

Use it positively: Speak out into the universe the positive things you want to see manifest and it will be done. “I am successful as a wife, a mother, and I have a wonderful job that values me.”

Use it to bless: Speak blessings into the lives of yourself and others and watch how many blessings begin to pour back toward you. The universe has a wonderful cause-effect pattern that anyone can use to his/her advantage. Things don’t have to just happen to you, you can make things happen for your own benefit by understanding simple principles of nature, how they work, and by applying them.

Use it for prayers or work: I really haven’t gotten deeply into the power behind the spoken word, but when you know and have seen for yourself it is undeniable what can be accomplished just by speaking something into existence. Not saying, “I’m sick,” but saying “I am being healed and my body is whole.” Not “I can’t do this,” but say “it is done.”

Use it to train the mind: In truly guarding the tongue more closely it causes one to evaluate the thoughts that go behind the word. My favorite poster is Before you speak: THINK.


This causes one not only to guard what they say, but to evaluate the thought that accompanies it so we can begin to recognize patterns of wasted time or energy in unnecessary negative thoughts.

Having two ears and one tongue, we should listen twice as much as we speak. –Turkish Proverb

I was really challenged the past two weeks having to withhold my tongue and guard my mouth to prevent dissolution of energy that I need to work in my favor regarding something I have been pushing to achieve. It was far more challenging than I expected and caused me to evaluate the entire situation. Ase that lives within our mouths is carried outward by the breath and manipulated by the tongue like clay; so learning to guard it and speak with necessity and purpose is essential. The situation is still resolving, but I have come to some truths and have been appreciative of yet another challenging lesson.

Diamantini, T., 2015. The physics of sound: How we produce sounds. Retrieved from