I had a wonderful conversation today and it brought to mind the question…. what are you in for?

Godparents (padrinos) are nice to “ke ke” with and chat it up, but the truth is they have a responsibility to guide us in the direction that our readings instruct. It is their responsibility to challenge us and make us reconsider our choices or thought processes when we are heading the opposite direction from where we need to be. If we are not progressing, it is their responsibility to call us on it and they are held accountable for it.

The other side of it is that we are all under contract to act, behave, and conduct ourselves in a way that is conducive to growth, expansion and elevation. The Ile is not a hang out spot, we do not get together to shoot the breeze. We get together to work and we pull each other up. With each ceremony and gathering we are helping someone expand.

Many may have forgotten, but when you brought that plate and them cocos and asked your padrinos’ Orisa if you could become an ile member, that was not doing your padrinos a favor, that is a contract between you and Orisa. You came and told Orisa that if you help me with my life and growth, then I will work for that growth. Padrinos are guides, but your contract is with Orisa.

When you put up that Ancestor (Egun) altar/shrine, you invited them in as well. So when they request things, it is because you opened that door and invited them in. Another contract that is not easily broken. Just because you take down that altar/shrine, or just because you decide to turn your back does not negate or dissolve you of your responsibilities to Orisa or Egun and you are still being held under that contract.

Never fear, the contract can be renegotiated and everyone is free to leave. The same plate, coco and candles can be brought back to your padrinos’ Orisa and any person who finds the work to be too much, or if this is not the path for him/her, can ask to leave. That is the proper way, the respectful way to do it. At least then you have closed the contract (hopefully) that was started with Orisa.

So, my long-winded post comes back to my original question… What are you in for?

Respectfully yours.