Many times I am asked for advice because people feel I can “see” things, and that’s because I can. When someone hands me a situation I go to the past, the present, the future and even lateral to alternate possibilities to gain information and insight before responding to the inquiry. What ends up happening is that the person who came for the advice because I can “see” things does not like my response and shrugs it off saying, “She’s crazy” or “She doesn’t know what she is talking about.” Later, the action I said was coming arrives and the person will come back to apologize since they have now seen what I saw when they first asked. My position remains unchanged. You came to me, by your own words, because I can “see,” then because I didn’t tell you what you wanted to “hear” you dismissed me; however, the consequences still fell as I said they would. Well okay.

There is an inherent problem with being able to “see” and that is that most do not understand it, so they dismiss the person and even dismiss their character calling them crazy, strange, or what’s that new adjective? Yes, eccentric. If the person to whom you are speaking has never seen the color blue, how do you describe it to them? What do you say? Many people that “see” see things on a metaphysical level. What does that look like? How can you explain that to someone who cannot see what you’re seeing? While solving the question in my head, if I open my mouth and actually allow the person to get a chart of where I go to expose the truth hidden under the question how will that sound to them? I already know. It would sound like a rhythm of incohesive mumbling, chants and ramblings from which they would quietly shrink away so as not to disturb the crazy lady.

I’m okay with it now and finally get it. The final determination is that I will no longer waste my ashe. There are those who despite claiming to want advice really only want a “yes man” to validate their questionable (or even flat out wrong) decisions. I have always given back only what I see and nothing else and will continue to do so. To do anything different would be a disrespect to my Ancestors from whom my ability to “see” is derived. I will stand by my position even when it does not seem to be applicable in the moment, because some of what I may describe is around the corner and not in the present and I have to trust myself. I will use my ability to “see” to determine whether this person is actually entitled to the advice instead of just giving because they asked. Each person must do their own work to be entitled to an answer, and if they had done the work they probably wouldn’t need to ask.