I am nearly midway through 2016 and this year has been a very deep time for everyone I know. There have been many deaths, both public and on a personal level. Many of the deaths speak to the tragedies of life and each has its own story that sound like titles of books. The Woman Who Loved Too Much, For Whom the Bell Tolls, The Sign Ignored, Putting off Until Tomorrow, Roots.

I, personally, have gone through a few changes and to this end I fell somewhat into my recluse nature from social media for a time of regrouping and gathering. I needed to quiet the incessant chatter to gleam the lessons of my path that I can take, mold, and use as a stepping stone for the next year or so.

This past year I have been as weak as I could be, allowing myself to become so stagnant that I became a leaf drifting on a placid lake. I became a fierce lioness protecting her cub, pulling out all the stops gifted by legacy; some I had forgotten that I had until the moment hit. I have been a victim, complaining of my situation without transitioning to take back my power. I have been the oppressor, not yielding my own will for my own shortsightedness.

While I am the queen and I desire to reign over all that is in my dominion I am going through a process in which my power has been stripped, and I am having to struggle to find the balancing point between what I have control over and what I control no longer. The reading of the year spoke of clearing away old behaviors which will prove detrimental this year.

The old folks use to make us children sit still on the couch during the thunderstorms – candles lit, no television, no talking. They used to say that God was cleansing the earth and during the times that He was raging, “you best just be still.”  I lean on their wisdom now and while my world is raging around me, it is best to just be still.

© 2018 Danielle Mayo