I have had some Ifa practitioners who ask me about returning to Ifa without the adulteration in Lucumi, without the syncretism, without the loss of information or changes. I am in love with Lucumi, I am in love with what is now called Hoodoo (we never called it that), I am in love with my native traditional practices. I acknowledge the extreme effort required to preserve tradition through the atrocities of the Transatlantic Slave Trade and Indian Removal.

Through a severe level of oppression that has not been known since, these Ancestors used everything within their power to preserve what they could as best they could. My tradition that I hold every day, each action I take on a daily basis is my way of connecting to those Ancestors by practicing tradition the way they taught us to make it in this New World.

Their lessons taught us that although you may not have everything you want to have, you make due with where you are. You make lemonade out of lemons as my old folks used to say, and they were the masters of making due. Not only with tradition, but even to the meals they used to make for us. They would take a bare cupboard and leftovers, a community of people to feed and turn out a banquet.

They amazed us with how we had nothing yet they would provide us with everything we needed: hot meals, clothes, shoes, and even some things we wanted. They were the original manifestations of miracles, the modern day examples of turning water into wine.

I am proud of my Ancestors and I constantly crave that connection. Our lives have been enriched for generations by their tenacity and I feel grateful to have been chosen to live this wonderful life everyday. Àṣẹ O!

© 2018 Danielle Mayo