I had such a wonderful night decompressing from work tonight I thought I’d share some of the things I do that take 15 minutes to 1 hour after a stressful day at work (especially). When done on a routine basis, this is another way to build a spiritual ritual for cleansing, re-centering, protection, spiritual fortification and growth.

What I call my dry spiritual baths: fire up charcoal and light incense resins. Once started, I cup my hands and bring the smoke towards my face, head, neck, back, down my body, to my feet for a full body cleanse. My favorites:

  • Incense
    • Dragon’s blood
    • Nile Temple Incense
    • Frankincense and Myrrh
    • Sandalwood
  • Woods/Smudging
    • Cedar
    • Sage
    • Lemon grass
    • Sweet grass

The wonderful thing about smudging is that you can also add some dried herbs for your own purposes: for protection, love, cleansing, improve energy, etc. Too many to list but cinnamon is one that can do wonderfully inside the smudging stick when needed, rue, and mugwort.

Spiritual baths: Some of my go-to’s.

  • Plain old water if that is all I have (this alone is powerful)
  • Florida water, gardenia, my favorite or my Ancestor’s favorite scents
  • Flowers
  • Milk
  • Cascarilla
  • Herbs  (again too many to list, it just depends on what is needed)
  • Honey when needed
  • River water when needed
  • Ocean water when needed
    • My other alternative is to go to the river or ocean and actually bathe there time permitting. If not close to a river then a creek that moves well and the water is not stagnant.

After bath care, it is essential to complete the package!

  • Air dry from the bath
  • Oil my body from scalp to toes in a mixture of grapeseed or avocado oil mixed with my favorite frankincense and myrrh or amber and myrrh oils.
  • If I want to stimulate the senses I will sometimes use citrus scents like bergamot oil or peppermint oil (depending on if the stimulation is sensual or work driven).
  • Spiritual or work driven
    • Dress in white
    • Light a candle
    • Place a glass or bowl of water beside my head or below me
    • Go to bed
  • Sensual driven – my own personal magick.

To quiet the mind, I light a candle and sit at my boveda or altar and meditate.

  • Stare at the candle flame and clear my mind of all noise
  • Pull out the Bible and recite Psalms to my grandmother
  • Occasionally I’ll recite different positive things that I remember about each Ancestor
    • Things they told me
    • How I felt about a particular event
    • Things they did that used to make me laugh
    • Special times we shared

Exercise or just moving.

  • Yoga (depending on your practice spirituality is embedded in this exercise)
  • Belly dancing – which is also cultural, traditional and can be spiritual
  • Just get up and dance whether you know how or not
  • Singing or chanting if you know how

Many of the items mentioned in this post are not Lucumi but are spiritual; some are present in other traditions.

© 2018 Danielle Mayo