People who practice traditions tend to inspire fear in people who do not for some reason (too much television I would guess). So why she felt it necessary to tell me her story about her neighbor who kept trying to get her hair I don’t know, but her whole point was to tell me it didn’t work.

I told her, “I can do more with a cup of water than a village full of people can do with an entire head of hair.”

Is there something extra magical I do? No.

Do I say different things to get it to work better using water? No.

Do I do anything different? Well, yes. I would never work to harm anyone for starters. I work in such a way that I allow nature and laws of physics to work for me, I work closely with my Ancestors, and I work ethically. However, the real key (for me) is understanding the properties of water and what we are really working with.

Water is a purifier. It is essential as adults are made up of 50-65% water. It can be viewed as being similar to a crystal ball in that you can meditate and “see”. You can speak to it and “query.”

More importantly to me is the cyclical nature of water. Water never “goes away” but is returned over and over again.

The elders that walked among us who carried some very serious àṣẹ when they were alive were laid to rest in the ground. Where did their 50-65% go? It returned to the ground and eventually found its way back into the water cycle, as all living beings have done and will continue to do.

This is part of the reason that you can “see” with it and “query” and you will get a response. Because it is in your bowl today, even if you drink it, it will never be just your water alone. It has passed through and passed through and passed through and it has stories to tell if you listen. It can help you if you only ask, because its connection to us is what holds the most importance.

With this concept is understood, many other realizations will begin to take shape but that is all I can say on this for now.

© 2018 Danielle Mayo