The insidious little creature, Pride, ambushed me that day. I do not know where he came from or where he was hiding but at just the right time, he sprang out and attacked me.

I am frustrated with myself but I believe all things happen for a reason and I am here on Mother Earth to learn.

I have learned that Pride works by taking the simplest form so it is nearly undetectable. It can be pride in your education or your status for which you paid dearly. Pride in your hair or appearance for which you were given. It can even be the car you drive, your race or gender – the possibilities are endless.

Pride is not necessarily a bad thing but humility must exceed it to provide balance. That is where I find myself at fault. I lacked the humility to push down the pride when the situation required me to do so. Pride was in a greater proportion and I was blinded.

To mend the situation, I must now increase my proportion of humility so that it greatly exceeds Pride. I must also live with the consequences of my actions. I am still blessed to have another day to try again to be a better person. I will work on doing just that for as long as Olodumare graces me with His breath. Àṣẹ.

© 2018 Danielle Mayo