Please do NOT pray for me. I do not mean the people who really do pray for others. I mean those who use this as a “catch phrase” to avoid accepting responsibility in caring for their fellow human who they call a friend,  a sister, a brother.

“I know you said you have (insert chronic illness here), girl, I’mma pray for you.”

Please don’t. What you can do instead is come by and bring me some soup after a chemo treatment. You can send me a text with some words of encouragement or something funny after surgery. Even if I am too weak to respond, I still may appreciate the ability to smile. Bring me some teas, a root bag, a salve to soothe me, make a special candle for me to light made from the heart.

“I know you lost your job, girl, I’mma pray for you.”

Please don’t. You can come over to see me and pray with me hand in hand. Visit with me and lay hands on me to bring blessings, lay hands on my home so that I keep it, lay hands on my family so that they stay fed. You can call me up for a brainstorming session to help me see what options I have that I may not have considered.

There are some of my sisters that when they say they will pray for me, I know they really are praying and I love prayers! What I do not want is someone who uses that phrase to dismiss me or to get me to leave so they can rid themselves of doing what they can to help. Being a blessing to another takes effort.

© 2018 Danielle Mayo