I set a pot in front of my Warriors and prayed that the money in that pot would increase. In the morning I packed up the pot and took it to the bank. I was surprised when the teller told me the amount had increased by 25% from what I had counted the night before. I got excited, it was a miracle! Then I realized it was not. I had miscounted. Despite this miscalculation, a revelation happened instead of a miracle, which was just as good.

The first lesson this year for me was there is a high possibility that something is already in my hands provided by God to manifest the exact thing I am requesting. It was a reminder to look deeper at the resources already at my disposal. God may not have provided it when I needed it, S/He may have provided it years ago and it has been waiting on me to be ready the whole time.

I am not saying do not pray, I’m saying pray and look around because the answer may be standing in front of you. I am saying pray and be ready to work for it. I am saying pray and do not be afraid to go for it.

Update: 4/18/2017 – A substantial increase did come in a huge way. It was absolutely a situation of look around and evaluate what tools are at your disposal because had I not seized the opportunity I would have missed it all. I am now in the process of embarking on another opportunity that may propel me closer to my lifelong goals and dreams, but not saying too much and working quietly until this all manifests. Maferefun Egun! They know what I need.

© 2018 Danielle Mayo