My greenhouse was a mess and I wanted to prepare for the upcoming spring. The Texas style winter, with a few days of freezing temperatures, left the plants inside my greenhouse with a lot of dead leaves. In fact, I felt that I lost most of my plants. There was still a bushel of herbs I tied together and hung in the greenhouse at the end of the summer to dry. It had dried nicely.

As I began chopping, clipping, and cutting to get through all the dead leaves I could not help but notice that clearing my greenhouse was like clearing my life. There was no reason to cling to them any longer because the beauty of the leaves had faded. Dried, withered, and dead they no longer served me. What they became was something that was taking up extra space in such a way that nothing new and fresh would be able to grow. So I chopped, clipped and cut harder.

When I was finally able to clear through enough debris, I realized that many of the plants I believed were lost had new sprouts coming up from the soil. They were trapped by the dead leaves and struggling to reach sunlight. Now that the blockage is clear, new little opportunities can really take root and grow.

After I had gotten everything out of the greenhouse only one dead thing remained, my dried herbs. I was suddenly glad I prepared before the winter because it allowed me the opportunity to cleanse. I took those dried herbs of basil, rue, and rosemary and cleaned myself with it.

I prayed that all the dead and old things I cling to be removed. I prayed the things that no longer serve my life be removed. I prayed new beauty would have strength to grow into full bloom. I prayed all negativity be removed and I threw that herb bundle away with the rest of the garbage I removed from my greenhouse.

My greenhouse was a mess and I wanted to prepare for the upcoming spring. I felt I had lost most of my plants, but I did the work to clear away old and dead leaves. I prepared the year before for the hardship of winter. With a little bit of work, I was able to nurture the growth that was being created in my life. By the summer, the greenhouse thrived and was restored once again. Àṣẹ.

© 2018 Danielle Mayo