I was watching a man panhandle tonight and I finally noticed something I thought was unique. As he approached each car, he approached them all with the same attitude. There was no change in his behaviors when he went from approaching the Lexus to the Hyundai; no change when approaching the Honda from the BMW. For each one he had the same sign, same face, same smile, same nod. He even had the same energy as he walked between all the different cars. He seemed to have a positive expectation that the rich man would give as likely as the poor man as likely as some other. What does this have to do with spiritual practice? Everything I think.

We call to us the energy we put out. If we go in with the expectation that everyone, no matter who we encounter, is going to be generous to us we will manifest it. It goes beyond just speaking; there is a knowing and a moving through life like we expect it from others. That is what set him apart in my mind.

There was a vibration that he put out that called to people to be generous. I do not think he received more money, but I noticed people were generous with their smiles, head nods, and generous in their humanity towards him.

An opposing example of this type of energy exchange is the expression “all men are dogs,” which was a popular expression at one time. Many of the women who said it had experience in being “dogged.” What if the energy that was put into believing all men were dogs is what attracted the “dogs” in the first place? Could the women have been better served by believing, knowing, and moving through life expecting from men to be treated with love, faithfulness and respect?

The vibrational energy is completely different when you live in a world where men are dogs from one where you expect men to conduct themselves in a positive way despite a past experience you may have had. Not only does it change the vibration so that the negative attraction dies, it creates new energy for what you really want.

Although this is a small example, it can be broadened and used frequently in every day practice. I will believe, know, and move through life with the expectation that my boss, my husband, my children find value in me. I believe, know, and move through life with the expectation that the spiritual work I did on my son’s behalf has worked perfectly and he receives the favor he needs. I believe, know, and move through life expecting that I will not want for anything and all my needs are met.

Through adversity I will smile, nod, hold high whatever sign I am holding proudly and expect to get through it better than I was when the challenge started. This type of energy work is far more important than any spell you can memorize.

© 2018 Danielle Mayo