I have been increasing my studies into the energy of Oshun lately since I have been working as a manager and a student in an MBA program. I use my studies to intensify my understanding of this energy and to use it to understand my own energy and how to use it more effectively. The energy of Oshun seems to have been simplified lately to highlighting the aspects of beauty or money, yet there is so much more to learn about this energy.

The Energy

The energy of Oshun ranges from young to old. The energy can be young, sweet and carefree or old, brittle and cranky. The energy can be peaceful, even seemingly detached from regular human life, to a warrior who loves to fight carrying machetes and fighting alongside masculine energies. Some aspects do not have human characteristics at all.


The energy of Oshun includes a shrewd business sense that is professional, classy, authoritative, and sensible. The money portion of this energy is not just about gold being showered on anyone. The idea is that sometimes money is taken from those who have despite their protests to give to someone in need. As the energy of Oshun gives, the energy can take to create balance. Rich today can be poor tomorrow and there can still be a blessing in that.

True Womanhood

The energy of Oshun is about finding the confidence in yourself as a woman regardless of external appearances. The energy defines womanhood in that, more often than not, womanhood has nothing to do with external beauty. The truth is, sometimes this version of womanhood does not look so pretty. There is a tale (pataki) that speaks of this sacrifice that surrounds her appearance as a vulture. This energy of Oshun was at the pinnacle of beauty and fell to the lowest of the low, but in doing so was even more beautiful and saved all of humanity.

Everyday, as women and as mothers, we sacrifice our bodies and comfort for the benefit of others. Children would never be born without this, nurturing could never be provided to family, children and husbands without this concept of sacrifice women perform daily and without thought.


The importance of sacrifice is equally important with the practice of healing. The energy of Oshun is essential for women’s healing and needs to be worked with frequently. As a woman, as a manager, as a student I can never forget that it is essential for me to take time to heal myself from all the sacrifices I perform on a daily basis.

© 2018 Danielle Mayo