Working through self-examination to get to the root of flaws is hard work filled with a lot of sacrifice and pain, and because of this, the potential for self-delusion is greater. When someone brings an issue to my attention, I think “That cannot be me because I work on myself!” Or at least that is what my ego told me, therefore, it must be true?

Recently I have been practicing that moment of quiet before reacting.  I work hard to keep my mouth shut when someone is providing their observation of me. My ego’s only concern is preserving itself at all costs, and it works hard to blind me.

Sometimes the observations of others can be a bitter pill. I am learning that instead of spitting it back out or swallowing it, sometimes it is better to hold onto it and let it sit as unpleasant as that may be.

What does this have to do with living tradition? Everything.

When I receive my readings they are sometimes filled with advice where I look around wondering who they are talking about because that could not be me, only to realize later, yes, yes that is me. When my elders give me advice based on what they observe, yes, yes that is me. In a misa when spirit says something about me that I need to do or something I was not necessarily ready to hear, yes, yes that is me.

Sometimes, despite whatever hard work I think I have done, a closed mouth, open ears and an open mind is all that is required.

© 2018 Danielle Mayo