My Walk on the Path Through Orisas

The writings contained in this blog are my own personal perspectives as I walk along my path with my Ancestors and the Orisas. The content is subject to change as I grow and learn more about the tradition, as well as myself. I am by no means an expert and do not claim to be. I am a priest. I am a student of nature and apetebi de Orunla.

My intention for this blog is not to address basic information or the theology of the Lucumi culture I live, but to address the practicality of it. The daily principles that make living the culture more integrated into daily life so that practice, mind, body, routine and ritual all become one.

This page is currently under reconstruction as my life has greatly changed and warrants updates and changes to the blog. I will organize this blog with links based on topics:

Upcoming posts:

  • Why Lucumi? Request from a reader to address why I became a Lucumi practitioner over any other tradition or religion.
  • My intentions when I began to walk this path


Relaxation and Self-Care Techniques:

Divination and Readings:

How to Get Started in an African Traditional Religion (ATR):

My Personal Thoughts and Ideas:

Iyawo Year (First year after initiation into priesthood):

  • At 3 months: Looking back on the things that happened while preparing to make ocha/kariocha.
  • At 6 months: Some tips for others preparing to go to make ocha.
  • At 10 months: A bit on my experience of walking through the world as an iyawo.
  • At 11 months: What it means to unconditionally love godparents.
  • At 2 weeks before the end of the year: Things I’ve learned over my year as an iyawo.
  • Some other thoughts during my year in white: Different thoughts and feelings of the some of the lessons I learned about myself.


For questions, comments, or concerns:

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