Iyaworaje 50 Weeks Old! Nearing Year in Review

The past year when looking back has been a lot like a roller coaster, and the ride is not over yet. Preparing for ocha I had so many doubts about myself, my truest level of commitment, and so many fears. There was sleeplessness, irritation, and mind numbing worry. The money was an obstacle, pulling everything... Continue Reading →


Unconditional Love

I am now nearing my 11th month of iyaworaje and may not post another thought until after my year has completed,  but seeing an issue come up has inspired me on the topic of godparents again. One of the most important steps is establishing and building relationships with godparents.  Meeting potential godparents is the time, ... Continue Reading →

The Garden of Eden

I remember I was a nursing student and we were doing clinical rotations in this small hospital in Gonzales,  TX.  I had this lady I had been caring for a couple of days.  I really liked her,  something about her just clicked for me. This was nearly 20 years ago. When she asked me for... Continue Reading →

Right Perspective

I was working in what I believed was a toxic work environment.  The emails were nasty,  no one wanted to address work related issues so we had the same problems continuously.  When I brought it up,  I was treated like a troublemaker.  I was going to leave. During my ocha, the Orisha said the problem... Continue Reading →

Orisha Song Class with Baba Oludare

Education in Lucumi tradition is so important because there is misunderstanding of what our tradition is about. My madrina is big on education, and when she asked me if I wanted to take this class I jumped on it. (She never asks questions without a reason.) I am forever grateful that I am taking Baba... Continue Reading →

The Beauty of Ocha Birthday Celebrations

I went to my yugbona's ocha birthday tonight and it was truly an eye-opening, awe-inspiring experience. All the usual aesthetics were there: the throne and panuelos beautiful, bountiful offerings, one of my godsisters made a gorgeous cake, and the overall setup. I've been to ocha birthdays before, and I've seen this many times. What made... Continue Reading →


As Westerners, we grow up bombarded with a culture of commercialism. Everyone is looking for the new thing. Commercials show us either how everyone else has this and you are the only one who doesn't, or they show you how you will have something no one else has so you want this. Our parents encourage... Continue Reading →

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